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ShareThis[TM] Official Launch of Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk

With its excellent closed beta test performance, we feel it’s a great time to officially launch Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk, a free-to-play mobile MMO strategic war game. The battle starts once you choose your camp: Fight as Alliance or Axis. Upgrade your chosen tank with the skills you learn from fighting in intense, fast-paced battles! Take part in epic World War and prove your skills to your enemies. Dominate the battlefield with your brain and brawn and be the best leader of them all! 

Official Launch Time: 6:00AM, August 30 (EDT) - S1 Dunkirk Evacuation
In order to celebrate the official launch, we will hold several time-limited in-game events:
- Log in 7 Days to collect the strong tanks, including free epic tanks like Jumbo and legendary tanks like White Tiger via limited events.
- Log in 7 Days to collect the Epic Warrior Set to strengthen your tanks.
- Level Rush event provides diamonds at certain levels in 7 Days.
- The amount of diamonds will be doubled via the first recharge in 7 Days.
- Some events provide rare items at great discounts.
Besides the great benefits in game, we will hold offline celebrations at the same time. All players can go to the following channels to claim the TM opening pack, as well as to seek chance to get the BIG PRIZES in every channel:
1. Like our Facebook page and check-in to claim gift packs and win M22 Locust, the legendary tank.
2.Join our Discord channel and participate in discussion to win an Epic tank.
Discord invite link:
3. Pre-register the game on to win Valentine/Charioteer.
For IOS:
For Android:
Tanks Mobile website:
Download links: