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ShareThis[FC] Top 4 Apex Arena Analysis-S2 Pwnmachine

Top 4: S2 Pwnmachine
Power: 991297
Lineup: 6★ Warrior, 5★ Orion, 5★ Empress Ahra, 4★ Nox, 4★ Spectre, 4★ Finnegan

Analysis: High Res Crit
The second highest Power in the last tournament. With a 6★ main character, 5★ Orion, and 4★ Spectre, Pwnmachine has the party with the highest Defense of any contender. With heroes who possess high Dodge, enemies find it incredibly difficult to even land a hit on Pwnmachine's party. Nox, Spectre, and Pwnmachine's main class of Warrior create steady DMG output capable of crushing enemies. Sadly Pwnmachine met the last tournament's Champion during the semifinals, and was unable to claim victory.

Summary: Pwnmachine's was bested only slightly by an opponent with higher Power and Necro, the newest Ultra
hero. Pwnmachine's opponent's Hit was also so incredibly high that their heroes, even with high Dodge, were unable to evade attacks.

Prediction: With nearly 1,000,000 Power, Pwnmachine is sure to claim a place in the finals.