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ShareThis[FC] Top 4 Apex Arena Analysis-S1 JayVand

Runner-up: S4-JayVand
Power: 731450 
Lineup: 6★ Knight, 4★ Ares, 4★ Necro, 4★ Baal, 4★ Rosethorn, 4★ Empress Ahra

Analysis: High Speed High ATK
With the exact same party setup as Faeron, JayVand has been able to depend on his heroes and even made it into the finals during the last tournament. During the semi-finals, JayVand even managed to best an opponent that had a 100,000 Power advantage. Sadly, JayVand was bested by Faeron in the finals.

Summary: With the top two contenders using the same party setup, is it possible that they've found the strongest formation in Final Clash?

Prediction: As JayVand's Power has only slightly increased since the last tournament, we boldly predict that JayVand will fall short of the Top 32.