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ShareThis[FC] Apex Arena - Starting Soon!

Only the strongest heroes will be able to undertake this most difficult challenge - to protect the honor of the King! Apex Arena, the most important competition held in Final Clash to this date, begins on March 27. The flames of war are about to ignite, hurling entire servers into intense PVP competition. Who will claim the King's Crown as their own? Heroes, pick up your weapons, and prepare to fight!

Qualifiers: March 27 - April 2
Knockout: April 3 - April 9
Rewards for participants are both plenty and wonderful! The player who claims victory as Champion will even have a server named after them. Prepare yourself and improve your Power to climb the ranks in Apex Arena.
Smoke spreads and the fire rages. Who will be the Champion? Final Clash's Apex Arena is about to begin!